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Maurice Sendak passes away

Maurice Sendak, the well-known author of “Where the Wild Things Are,” passed away early Tuesday at age 83. His friend and caretaker, Lynn Caponera, was at his bedside when he passed on Tuesday. Caponera said that he had a stroke on Friday and was not going to last much longer. Sendak led an extremely successful, eventful life and is honored by several awards for his pieces of work.

Sendak received the Caldecott Medal for Where The Wild Things Are and this award-winning book was the basis of the hit movie which was released in 2009. Sendak also was awarded the National Medal of the Arts in 1996 by Bill Clinton for Sendak’s extravagant pieces of work. Maurice Sendak was unlike a lot of children’s book authors in today’s society. He was harsh, honest, and dark when he created his characters and their story lines. This type of viewpoint on childhood led him to become one of the most creative and recognized authors today.

Rest in Peace Maurice Sendak.

Signed, Steph

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