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Monday , October 15 2018
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Jaguar R Performance Driving Academy: Extreme Power and Luxury


You don’t need to own the latest Jaguar to experience its extreme luxury. Thanks to Jaguar USA, the expanded Jaguar R Performance Driving Academy takes in individuals who want to get a taste of the luxury for a day. The performance driving academy, which was established in 2009 to offer complementary training to new Jag owners, now does that and more. It has opened its doors to non-Jag owners to take a glimpse of the good things. The day-long training will take you through the basics of driving the modern powerful machines. This is followed by a stint at more serious driving techniques.

Life Saving Driving Techniques

But what are the benefits of paying nearly $2,000 for a day at the performance driving academy if you have no plans to own a Jaguar in the near future? I would say, plenty. First, you don’t get the chance to drive a top of the pack Jag everyday. Not in a track environment anyway.

The high performance driving lessons you are taken through are as valuable to anyone as they are to Jaguar drivers. Well, of course for most of us, the experience is all we can hope for. Still, getting exposed to the road handling capabilities of a big hearted, fast road beast in controlled circumstances opens you to other driving possibilities. The curriculum includes putting the Jags into trials that would be extreme for any lesser car. So, besides experiencing the thrill of sitting at the controls of the big cat, you can get a life-saving trick or two.

Premium Quality Cars

Jaguar is with no doubt one of the best beasts on wheels that you can drive. And whether you pick the latest XKR-S convertible or the XJ, the big cats will give you the thrill that only Jags can give. Well, in normal circumstances, not everyone would get to drive a Jaguar. Not with the price tag. This is why the guys at Jaguar Performance Driving Academy got creative. Now, the option of test driving a Jag without having to buy it is very tempting. All that supercar feel without owning the big cat!

And the academy exposes you to the latest and high performing Jags. Characteristic of Jaguar, these latest models stand out in a class of their own. Whether you are looking at the XKR-S Convertible, XFR, XJ, XK or thinking of the upcoming F-Type, some things remain the same. And the overriding ones are extreme luxury, power and speed. These are just some of the qualities that set Jaguar cubs apart.

Unmatched Jaguar Performance

Jaguar models traverse various car categories and at every turn they retain an unmatched luxurious feel. So, getting to the performance driving academy is a chance to get a feel of the real good things in life. You will appreciate the key values of the XKR-S Convertible, XFR, XJ, XK, maybe even the upcoming F-Type. Jaguar values include the obvious refinement and style as well as superior performance and use of the latest technology.

And if you think you are a great driver, why not enroll in the Jaguar Performance Driving Academy’s advanced driving program? You never know, it could be the training standing between you and the racing tracks.

For those of you that decided to take a joy ride on your own and busted a wheel, there are places like OriginalWheels.com where you can find Jaguar wheels at a good price. Image by Otis Blank.

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