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Tiger attack at the Bronx Zoo costs man his foot

A man is in the hospital today after a tiger attack at New York’s Bronx Zoo today. The man’s whose identity has yet to be released but is reportedly in his 20’s or 30’s, was either pushed or fell 20 feet to land in the tiger’s den where he received severe injuries to his foot, leg and back. The incident happened around 3:30 this afternoon and zoo employees had to get the tiger into a cage before rescue and medical attention could be attempted. EMT’s treated the man on the scene and then had him taken to Jacobi Hospital where he was admitted in critical condition. While incidents like this are not common they are known to happen. Back in 2007 a tiger escaped at the San Francisco Zoo where one man was killed and two more injured before the tiger was recaptured. Tragedy also struck the Bronx Zoo back in 1985 when a zoo keeper was killed by two Siberian tigers as she attempted to clean their cage.

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