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September, 2012

August, 2012

  • 30 August

    New Electric Car Technology Powers Racing Car to 200 mph

    If you think that the only way to power electric cars is by their batteries, then you might be surprised to hear that it is possible to get much more power out of one than the battery is able to deliver. You still need the battery, but now it is ...

  • 6 August

    What Do Boutique Hotels Have That Other Hotels Don’t

    If you take a trip to London, you’ll find a range of hotels available to suit every budget.  There are backpacker hostels for those on a really tight budget or who want to spend their money on things other than accommodation.  There are B&Bs for people who don’t want to ...

  • 6 August

    Getting around London in a Hackney cab

    Nowadays the most popular way of getting around London is on the London Underground, or as it is known locally, the Tube. Most London hotels and important attractions have a nearby Tube station, so it is rarely necessary for visitors to use taxis, which generally are slower and considerably more ...

  • 1 August

    How to Wear Summer Dresses With Lace

    Lace is big at the moment, and adding to your summer wardrobe by choosing two or three good-quality summer lace dresses, or dresses trimmed with lace is a good move.  Even better, if you choose carefully you’ll be able to wear them throughout autumn and winter, too, with some simple ...

  • 1 August

    How Secure Are Your Emails?

    Before email, dealing with junk mail was easy – the letters addressed to ‘The Occupier’ or that were held in brightly-coloured envelopes were simply separated from ‘real’ letters and thrown in the bin: it took up little time and at no point was there any danger that opening such letters ...

  • 1 August

    Are we falling out of love with the car?

    Things are changing in our attitude towards cars. People are switching away from inefficient family saloons to much cheaper and more efficient city cars and in general sales of new cars are declining. Of course the environmentalists consider this to be a good thing, even though it is very much ...

  • 1 August

    The Art of Silver Service

    Many waiter jobs along with many general catering and hospitality jobs require a good knowledge of the theory and practice of Silver Service.  Silver Service is a traditional British custom related to the serving of meals, and here we will look at some of its fundamental features. Laying the table ...

  • 1 August

    Working in Retail in London

    London has a terrifically diverse population and a retail industry to match.  From market stalls to exclusive boutiques to international high street chain stores, the city has plenty to offer shoppers. Retail jobs in London can be plentiful or they can be scarce: it depends on which shops you want ...

June, 2012