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Google Glasses Available To Public at the End of 2013

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Google Glasses Available To Public at the End of 2013
Google Glass aka Google Glasses have you heard of them? Well unless you’ve been living on another planet (which is not possible yet) you should really step your Tech News Game up… seriously! Well luckily for you my TNG (Tech News Game) is off da hook, so let me update you.

Google Glasses
Google Glasses, Photo Credit: TechRadar
Google Glass is a highly anticipated device that is worn like glasses, connects to the internet, and does all kinds of cool stuff — takes pictures, videos, sends email, it has Google maps, Google Hangouts (Google’s version of Skype) and many more features. Imagine everything you do on your mobile device but all in a nice clear screen just above your eye. Google Glass is obviously voice activated (and get this) there are no ear buds, instead Google is using some crazy technology that sends sounds waves through the back of your ear into your cranium… (long pause). I know that sounds nuts but its true. Google Glass is almost guaranteed to change the game! Check out Google’s official video of Google Glass.

Think Walkman before iPod, think McDonalds before In-N-Out Burger… No think music before Justin Bieber (totally kidding). Anyway, the point is we are living in a pre- Google Glass Era, but that’s all about to change. Billionaire and Co-founder of Google, Sergey Brin recently announced at TED, Google Glass devices already became available to some lucky tech industry contest winners for a hefty $1500 bucks. And he is projecting the devices will be available to public by the end of 2013. Amazing!
Google Glasses
Picture of Sergey Brin on NYC subway wearing Google Glasses, Photo Credit: Noah Zerkin at supertou.ch.
The Google Co-founder was even spotted on a New York City subway wearing the nifty device. A billionaire on the subway!? Yeah that’s how we roll in “The City That Never Sleeps” unless of course I’m sleeping lol.
 Written by Chris Manhattan

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